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Food Equipment Training & Repair

We commit to seek excellence in all that we do, investing training for all our personnel.

We’re experienced in installation for all brands, so you can get the exceptional service you need regardless of what manufacturer you’re devoted to. There’s no need to work around our schedule.

Food Equipment Service & Repair


Service & Repair

JVS provides food equipment service, repair and maintenance to retailers, grocery stores, butcher shops, packing houses, and restaurants across the U.S. and Canada. We specialize in the service, repair and ongoing maintenance of electrical & mechanical food equipment found in most stores, including deli & bread slicers, meat saws & grinders, fryers, ovens, checkout stands, shopping carts, floor cleaning equipment, and more.

Butcher Shop & Meat Room Mechanic

Meat Mechanic

Butcher Shop Meat Mechanics

You can trust in our experience and knowledge at JVS Food Equipment Sales & Service. When you do business with us, you’ll get service that has been providing the meat processing and food industry with unsurpassed maintenance and repair service for two generations.

JVS meat mechanics provide you with advance notice of potential equipment problems while helping you maintain a safe work environment for employees. During inspections, our certified technicians perform routine equipment adjustments including lubrication of moving parts, alignment and sharpening of equipment, and replacement of worn or damaged parts. Butcher shop equipment is also tested for proper operation, which guarantees that the optimum level of efficiency is reached.

Full Service Food Equipment Repair

Whether you have an institution requiring equipment that will turn a whole side of beef into hamburger patties, or you’re a deer hunter who needs a their meat equipment repaired, we have what you need!